Dreams come true

What if… we are able to build our dreams? What if… we don’t stop dreaming, becoming an adult?
What if… we dare to share our dreams? And have to recognise, that other might have the same dream and you can work together on it? Having fun together? Sharing your fun with others?
What if…

My bucket list (when I think about traveling) is changing over the years, of course. Top 10 at this moment (not in a specific sequence) are:

> Traveling Africa from North to South

> Building a wooden cabin in canada

> Taking the Transsibirian Railway to Wladivistoc

> Exploring the Amazonas

> Crossing Australia

> Experience the seasons in New Zeeland

> Staying a week at Svalbard in the winter

> Watching the Northern Light in Norway:
It became Iceland, last December; the year with the least chance of seeing some good Northern Light. I loved the experience, anyway!

> Sailing from Japan to the Philippines

> Finishing the E1
Meanwhile, starting from the Danish boarder, we reached Hamburg. though, a few kilometers left… 😉

At this moment, I am very curious, which one I will accomplish first. Will see, you see.