Thoughts of the West

The West – structure, regulated, rational
Looking at upcoming streams, sometimes, it seems we have lost ourselves by reasoning everything. The modern quest is about looking for emotional interconnection, humanity and socialising society.

African traditions

Willem De Liefde writes in his book “LeKgotla” about what two models of mind and spirit can find each other in modern life. He explains about social developed African tribe traditions – the deep democracy in it – and the Western system oriented world. Combining both in decision making process leads tot dialogue, respect and listening toward everybody involved.

Asian wisdom

Some quotations of Son Tzu’s The Art of War:
Strategy without tactics is the slowest way to siege. Tactics without strategy is the sound of loosing.
Nothing what’s happening to us is bad for us as long as we know how to learn and harvest from it.

Confucius’ sayings:
Learning without thinking is useless work.
Observe the past and study the present for sake of the future.
Don’t be afraid of being unnoticed, strife for be worth to be noticed.

South American Convictions

Share your energy with everybody and everything around you. Be open for the energy of others. Only together you can face la challenges.